Oleksandr Babliak

Chief of Cardiac Surgery Department,
Diagnostic and Treatment Center For Children And Adults
Of The Dobrobut Medical Network,
Kyiv, Ukraine

Dr. Babliak obtained his Medical Degree from Lviv State Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine in 1994, obtained specialization in Cardiovascular surgery in 1997. In 1999-2001 underwent the Registrarship in CardioThoracic Surgery in Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia. His work experience includes adult and pediatric cardiac surgery. PhD and Doctor Degree in Cardiovascular Surgery were honored in 2005 and 2016, respectfully. Since 2016 his professional focus was on minimally invasive pediatric and adult cardiac surgery. In 2019 founded the “MICS Babliak Academy” to share the techniques in minimally invasive cardiac surgery. YouTube: Oleksandr Babliak. Heart Surgery.