Loris Salvador

Director fo Cardiac Surgery Dept.
San Bortolo Hospital
Vicenza, Italy

The experience of Dr. Loris Salvador on Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery started on 1998 at the S.Maria dei Battuti Hospital in Treviso, mainly Mitral valve surgery or Aortic valve surgery through ministernotomy. From 2000 to 2005, Dr. Salvador developed the program of minimally invasive coronary artery by-pass through left minithoracotomy (with endoscopic harvesting of mammary artery, seldom with robotic assistance). From 2005 to 2009 established the Endoscopic mitral valve surgery program in Treviso.
After moving on 2010 at San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza as Director of Cardiac Surgery Dept., achieved a personal caseload of more than 2000 endoscopic mitral valve surgeries out of a total of 2.500 endoscopic mitral valve surgeries performed by the whole cardiac team in 10 years.
The program of Endoscopic Aortic Valve Surgery started on 2013, in the first 4 years endoscopic surgery was performed in selected patients. From 2017 the aortic patients operated on Endoscopic approach are unselected. The personal series includes more then 250 patients, among them more than 70 are concomitant procedures (double or triple valves and in selected cases ascending aorta replacement).