Antonios Pitsis


Dr. Antonios Pitsis is the Head of Cardiac Surgery at European Intertbalkan Medical Center in Thessaloniki, Greece.

His clinical experience involves more than 15,000 cardiac operations as the main operating surgeon.

Currently Dr. Antonios Pitsis performs on average 400 to 450 cardiac cases a year, the majority of these cases being Totally Endoscopic (200 – 250 cases a year) and other Minimally Invasive Procedures.

With over thirty years of experience in adult cardiac and adult congenital surgery, Dr. Antonios Pitsis has a specialized focus in totally endoscopic procedures which include aortic, mitral and tricuspid surgery, repair of adult congenital heart defects, cardiac tumors, as well as myectomies for obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and atrial fibrillation surgery.

In addition to his surgical practice, Dr. Antonios Pitsis has dedicated his life to developing innovative techniques to enhance patient outcomes, and these are all reflected in his wide range of publications in various national and international journals. The significant clinical work that his team has accomplished has been supported and promoted by continuous training and active participation in many international conferences as well as workshops and vigorous research.

Dr. Pitsis has established a highly successful endoscopic cardiac surgery training center, with many visitors all over the world attending his practice and has proctored cases in many centers around the world. He is also the inventor of a series of endoscopic surgical instruments (Delacroix Chevalier).

He is a founding member and member of the steering group of the Endoscopic Cardiac Surgeons Club (, est. 2021). He is also a board member of the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgical Society (ISMICS,

Dr Pitsis has performed live surgeries of new innovative techniques for the treatment of structural heart disease, in many of the most renowned international congresses in cardiac surgery including the European Association for Cardiac Surgery Annual / Tecno-College Meeting 2022 (Milan) and 2023 (Vienna), Focus Valve 2022 and 2023 (Innsbruck), Endoscopic Cardiac Surgeons Club 2022, Master of Valve Therapy 2022 (Berlin).